SAI SIDDHI ELECTRONICS is providing Mobile Signal Boosters in different wireless and wired models. The customers can purchase these boosters for their 2G, 4G, 3G, 2G GSM, and other mobile network signals.
Walkie Talkie
Our company offers a Walkie Talkie collection that comes in a single and two-set models. It is extensively used by the security guards, police offices, nurses, and other professionals to effortlessly communicate from each other.
The provided Fixed Wireless Phones are generally used to make and receive calls. These phones are found in schools, offices, hospitals, colleges, restaurants, shops, malls, and other areas.
Metal Detector
Smaller and larger metals on the body or belongings can be dangerous during a travel. Therefore, our company provides Metal Detectors in different configurations and designs. These precisely detect metals from fast- and slow-moving objects.
Our company is featuring a collection of GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal FCT that includes GSM FCT Pacetel, Matrix GSM FCT, and many others. It is often used to improve the technology service network.

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